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Every story has a beginning

In 1983 Campos Catafal was born in Barcelona dedicated to advising legal departments of companies in complex legal issues and litigation.

Shortly afterwards, it was expanded with the incorporation of the civil law department, with a focus on succession and inheritance law, as well as real estate cases. In 2010 the firm acquired its current business structure.

The founders of the firm were pioneers in adopting a specialised family business structure model

This allowed to offer in-depth specialist experience with the advantatges of being a family owned business, a personalized contact with the client and a perfect knowledge of the different legal matters, with agile, responsible and effective working methods.

We have a close relationship with the client

Throughout its history, the firm has maintained itself as a strong advocate for quality in the provision of legal services.

With the 21st century, the rules that govern society and business are constantly changing, which is why we have adopted the latest technologies needed to create a Smart Law Firm.

We are committed to creating new forms to deliver our advice for both private clients and entrepreneurs, and to providing comprehensive solutions to new companies and entrepreneurs eager to open up to new markets.

Our many years of experience allow us to have national and international collaborators to provide comprehensive, high-level advice for companies and individuals, including matters such as taxation, employment, etc.

As a family owned law firm, we have maintained our values since 1983.

Three generations in the service of law.

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