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Barcelona is one of the most attractive markets in southern Europe. Many international companies and entrepreneurs have decided to start and develop their operations or realize their dreams of entrepreneurship in the city.

Campos Catafal offers an English-speaking lawyer service to help and advise you in case you are interested in company formation in Barcelona.

This service will help you in all the administrative and legal steps necessary for you to create your company in a fast and efficient way.


  • Analysis of the best legal structure to start your business
  • Creation of limited liability company (Sociedad Limitada) or a corporation (Sociedad Anónima)
  • Help in obtaining the Spanish NIE, a personal tax identifying number necessary for the creation of a company
  • Assistance with opening an account in a Spanish bank
  • Advice on the necessary activity licenses and administrative procedures required to start the business
  • Registration to the Spanish Social Security
  • Advice to find the best location to establish the company, drafting and reviwing of the lease agreements

How Business Formation in Barcelona works

If you want to start a company in Barcelona it is important to understand the following concepts:

  • Types of company in Spain

    In Spain the most common types of companies are the Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada and the Sociedad Anónima.

    The Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada is the Spanish equivalent of the Limited Liability Company and the Sociedad Anónima is the equivalent of a Corporation. The use of one or another structure depends on the type of business planned, investment, shareholders, etc…

    A Sociedad Anómina requires 60.000€ in founding capital, while a Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada only requires 3.000€, which is why most entrepreneurs choose this option.

    Regardless of the structure, a company in Spain will need a Spanish Adress and a Bank Account to deposit the capital funds.

    While it is not necessary for the company administrator to live in Spain, it is recommended to have a representative with legal powers to receive and handle official comunications or requirements from government agencies.

  • The NIE

    NIE stands for Número de Identificación de Extranjero. It is an ID number that foreigners are required to have for official dealings with the Spanish Government and that includes any investment of any sort, from buying a house to  creating a company.

    The NIE is given by the Spanish Police and to obtain it, it is necessary to justify why the foreigner wants it (for exemple to create a company). When done properly, the process is normally not to long, although Covid-19 has slowed things down.

  • Minimum Delays

    Depending on the type of company created and the system used, delays to form a business in Spain can go from 3 days to 30.

    Our Law Firm is officially accredited by the Spanish Minister of Industry to have access to the Spanish digital business creation system, that, upon meeting certain criteria, greatly reduces the time needed to create a Limited Liability Company (Sociedad Responsabilidad Limitada).

    This allow us to offer our clients a fully operational company in 48-72 hours if you already have the NIE.

    The necessary time to obtain a NIE is normally one week, and it can be done in Spain or directly on your country’s Spanish Ambassy or Consulate upon presenting the required forms and justificative documents.

    Since the Covid-19 epidemic, and even though things are gradually becoming normal again, we have seen the NIE delay sometimes increase to several weeks, so it’s better to plan ahead of starting the business.

  • Accounting and Taxes

    All companies in Spain have to present their taxes and accounting books to the government, including those who have no commercial activity.

    In Spain business taxes are paid every 3 months for certain taxes (like the TVA tax) and once a year for the company tax. Depending on the business, other taxes may apply, like local taxes or property taxes.

    Accounting books are also presented once a year.

  • Recruiting

    Spain has a very comprehensive labour law system. Businesses that wish to recruit have to be registered in the Seguridad Social as employers and have to pay the worker’s salary according to the job position.

    Spanish courts are very protective of worker’s interests, so it is important to comply with all the obligations to avoid future problems.

  • Trademark Registration

    If you are starting a business, you probably have a brand name, logo or other intellectual property assets that you may want to register to avoid someone stealing your work. Even if you have already registered those assets in your home country, it’s important to verify that those protections apply to the Spanish market.

    If you are starting your business from the ground, and have plans to expand to other European countries, as Spain is member of the EU, it might be interesting to register your brand name/trademark in all EU countries.

  • Operating online business

    If you are thinking to start an online business in Spain there are special rules that apply. For example you need to comply not only with the privacy protection rules of the RGPD, but also with other laws such as the Ley de servicios de la sociedad de la información y de comercio electrónico, which regulates online businesses and ecommerce.

    Spanish Law allows you to operate your online business without having to be in Spain, which has become quite attractive for online entrepreneurs.

If you are ready to start a bussiness in Barcelona, contact us for a non-binding quotation.

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