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What is a “cookie”?

A cookie is a small file that is sent to your browser and saved on your device when you visit a website, such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo Mail, etc.

Cookies allow the efficient functioning of the site and improve its benefits. They allow a website to recognize a user’s browser, and do not contain or collect information. They are used for statistical or advertising purposes, mainly to personalize the user’s browsing experience by remembering their preferences, for example, remembering the language and recognizing them during their next visit.

What “cookies” do we use and with what purpose?

Campos Catafal uses “cookies” to facilitate the use of its website as well as to adjust it to the interests and needs of the user. Likewise, they can also be used to help accelerate future activities and experiences of users on the website as well as to compile aggregated anonymous statistics that allow us to understand how people use our website and improve its structure and content. We can not personally identify you with this information.

The Campos Catafal website may use two types of cookies:

  • The first party cookies, which are strictly necessary and allow user interaction through the website using all its functions.
  • The third party cookies, which are performance and analysis cookies, and are used for analysis and statistics that improve the website experience. Some of the pages you visit may also collect information using pixel tags that may be shared with third parties that directly support our promotional activities and the development of the website. For example, information about the use of the Campos Catafal website by its visitors may be shared with an external advertising agency to better direct the advertising in the banners or web pages. The information is not, however, personally identifiable, although it may be related to your personal information. In this aspect, the Campos Catafal website uses Google Analytics, which collects data from users to make statistics about web visitors. (For more information:

How can I deactivate “cookies”?

Most browsers are configured to accept, control and deactivate cookies through their parameters. Please note that disabling navigation or functional cookies may cause errors in the functioning of the site and / or limit the service we offer.

You can change your browser settings to block cookies. These settings are located in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser.

The way to configure the different browsers to exercise the actions indicated in the previous paragraphs, can be found in:

  • Internet Explorer:
  • Edge:
  • Chrome:
  • Firefox: guardadan-en-? Redirectlocale = en-US & redirectslug = Cookies
  • Safari:

If you wish not to be tracked by the “cookies”, Google has developed a plug-in to install in your browser that you can find following this link

If once consent has been granted for the reception of “cookies”, you desire to remove it, the cookies already stored in the user’s device must be eliminated, using the options menu of the different browsers.

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